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An Apricot-Peach synthesis unlike anything else, the forefront of syndication. Saturate your senses with the flavour of Strength.

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An Apricot-Peach synthesis unlike anything else, the forefront of syndication. Saturate your senses with the flavour of Strength.

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14 reviews for Strength

  1. Ansel

    Most consistent peach based juice on the market. Not to sugary so the coils love it

  2. Joseph C.

    If you’re looking for a good blend of savory and fruit, this is the perfect peach blend for you.

    Goes in smooth and has a great after taste, a staple to my roster of juices.

  3. Jasmin

    Great innovative blend of flavors – fresh and fruity, not too sweet. Perfect for my very first vaping experience!

  4. Andrew

    The name threw me off because the taste of this product is awesome! The peach flavor took me by surprise. The amount of nicotine satisfies my craving.

  5. Sean Bell

    This right here is one of the most delicious peach juices you will
    Come across. With the hints of apricot and the sweet taste of brownsugar that sets this apart from the other ones on the market. I vouch almost anyone with fall in love with this after the first vape.

  6. Amanda

    Not typically a fan of peach, and I’ve tried a ton! Literally can’t put this down once I crack a bottle! Definitly the best of its kind!!

  7. Matt

    By far my favorite peach juice on the market, a must have!!!!!

  8. Zander

    One of my all time favourites. Kloudheadz never disappoints with it’s consistent flawless flavour. If you haven’t already vaped Strength, buy two bottles.

  9. William

    My all day vape! This is one of those juice that I will never get bored of. I always come back to it. I’ve gone through multiple bottles since it was released! Highly recommended.

  10. Joyce lau

    Perfect blend of peach and apricot! Amazing flavor which is totally mind blowing and unique. I’m on my sixth bottle and I keep wanting more! I wish they customized sizes because I’d definitely order a 500 ml for myself since I’ll eventually vape it anyway! Good going on this amazing flavor kloudheadz <3. So much love for you guys

  11. Billy

    This juice is great, never had a peach one quite like this and not getting sick of it at all. Everyone should be vaping this.

  12. Jordan

    Amazing vape. Great peach flavour tones with an apricot undertone. Not overly powerful just the right amount of flavour to it. Highly recommend

  13. Jenna-Rose

    Amazing peach vape with hints of apricot. It’s a great and enjoyable vape for those with a love for peaches and apricots.

  14. Kurter

    One of the tastiest peach vapes that have ever hit my coils, clean and smooth vape will leave you wanting more.

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